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wholesale nfl jerseys wholesale sports jerseys los angeles ca While teams the smart ones, at any rate will look to these new new insights to get a competitive edge, fans will benefit from the never before seen stats the algorithms will be able to dig out.The deal comes after the MLB debuted its partnership with Amazon during the 2015 season. AWS powers the the MLB’s version of Next Gen Stats, Statcast. This provides baseball fans data on players’ acceleration, pitch velocity, and home run trajectory, giving everyone watching at home and on the field a more detailed look at the nuts and bolts of every play.The NFL has used data capturing hardware since 2014, when tracking hardware was placed in players’ shoulder pads that gathers real time acceleration, speed, and positional data.In 2016, the league partnered with Zebra Technologies to embed radio frequency identification (RFID) chips into player equipment and the ball. wholesale sports jerseys los angeles ca wholesale nfl jerseys

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