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when it comes to identifying a good bag

fake lv handbag

Fake LV handbags are everywhere these days. I had the unfortunate experience of buying one before, and let me tell you, it was a real headache. I just had to be trendy and have that designer look – even if it was fake. The moment I got home I could tell my ‘LV’ bag was a fake. You could tell the craftsmanship was really sloppy and the stitching was way off. Ugh!

The material was a really bad plastic-like fabric. I had bought it from the most notorious Chinatown – it should have been my first clue. The logo had a few spelling mistakes and it actually said “Vuitton.” I could tell these counterfeits had had no effort put into them and that there was no way I had purchased a Genuine Louis Vuitton.

When I use to look longingly at the real LV handbags in all the stores, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. All the real 20 something’s who got to flaunt their beautiful LV bags around while I had to be stuck with what I had. So embarrassing! I mean wasn’t I just asking for trouble when I purchased something at such a cheap price.

So I finally decided to trade it in for something a bit more authentically me. That was it – no more fake Louis Vuittons for me. And I do mean none. A real LV handbag is something I’m still saving up for, meanwhile fake ones just aren’t my cup of tea anymore.

When shopping for any kind of designer bag, it’s important to scrutinize the details. Examine the material, see how close the pattern is to the original. Pay attention to the stitching and watch out for spelling errors. Check the mark-ups and shipping details. Make sure you go to a reputable vendor or seller.

I guess you can say I have become quite the connoisseur when it comes to designer bags, hehe. Knowledge is power right? Speaking of which, I’m always on the lookout for new designer bags. Whodoesn’t love a good handbag? That’s why I’m so careful now and never, ever consider buying a fake LV handbag. After all I have learnt the hard way.

If you’re ever stuck in the same situation and can’t tell a real from a fake just remember that you should always bargain shop wisely, and if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. That’s what I learned after getting stung by a fake LV handbag. Honestly, never again!

And now let me tell you about my experience with how I managed to get my hands on an authentic bag. After I learnt my lesson the hard way, I decided to shop for real designer bags the correct way. I didn’t want to be caught wearing a fake, nor did I want to be taken advantage of again. So I did some research and found an[……]

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